1. Different Types of Toilets

    Previously, we’ve mentioned how indoor plumbing ranks among humans’ greatest achievements. After all, using the restroom in the elements is unpleasant to say the least, especially in Kankakee’s hot, humid summers and frigid, windy winters. Over…Read More

  2. Why LED Lighting

    LED Lighting began as many famous discoveries, innovations, or inventions do — as an accident. In fact, LED lighting was accidentally discovered in 1962 while trying to invent a laser. Soon, these little red lights were selling for $260. These litt…Read More

  3. Tips for Saving Water in the Summer from Your Local Plumber

    Summers in Illinois can be brutal. You have to fight the summer heat and the humidity, and even if you have air conditioning installed by your local air conditioning service company, it can be miserable. You know it’s bad when you step outside and …Read More