The proper operation of your air conditioner relies on your air filter. So if you decide to ignore replacing it or don’t schedule an HVAC professional to replace it for you, a variety of problems can occur. One major problem is that your AC unit stops working properly, leading to either no air flow or warm air flow. During summer, a home without an air conditioner is uncomfortable. Furthermore, a dirty or old air filter could also cause an increase in dust, particles, and other allergens throughout your home. There are more benefits to a clean air filter, but in this post, we’ll share the six dangers of ignoring your filter for too long.

Six Air Conditioner Problems to Avoid

An air conditioner filter is similar to the oil in your car. It needs to be replaced regularly to help the AC unit function properly. Like your car’s oil, if you let your air conditioner run too long on an old air filter, it can cause some serious problems. Here are six issues to look out for:

Problem #1 – Increased Cycling/Short Cycling

Your AC unit is supposed to cycle on and off throughout the day to maintain the climate temperature in your home. When you have an old or dirty air filter, the air conditioner has to work harder to operate properly, which can lead to more frequent cycling, or what’s called short-cycling. This strains your unit, and can cause more serious issues that require an HVAC professional to repair.

Problem #2 – Freezing

A dirty air filter restricts airflow. This can lead to the AC unit maintaining a lower internal temperature. After a given amount of time, that colder air inside the air conditioner can cause the coils to freeze. Once the coils are frozen, your AC unit will not work properly until the coils are defrosted, which can take anywhere between 30-minutes to many hours.

Problem #3 – Inconsistent/Uneven Cooling

The air filter has an indirect effect on your air conditioner cooling power. Restricted air flow can negatively affect the AC unit’s ability to cool your home or business consistently and evenly. If you notice a room in your home to be warmer than another, even though you have the thermostat set at 70 degrees, it may be time to check that air filter.

Problem #4 – Allergen Collection and Spreading

It’s imperative to keep your air conditioner air filters clean if anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or respiratory conditions. A dirty air filter can cause allergens, dust, and particles to build up in your air ducts, which can cause an increase in allergy, respiratory, or asthma symptoms.

Problem #5 – Common Unit Wear and Tear

A properly maintained air conditioner will last longer than an improperly maintained one. This seems like common sense; however, maintenance, whether routine or not, is the key to a long lasting unit. An AC unit that receives infrequent maintenance, tune-ups, and repairs will begin to fail. Parts will begin to break. You will eventually have an air conditioner that either doesn’t work or partially works, costing you more to repair or replace than if you called the professionals in Kankakee for air conditioner tune-up services.

Problem #6 – System Efficiency Decrease

If you’re waiting to replace your air filter due to funds or a misunderstanding of when you should change it, your air conditioner will function worse. The efficiency of how it uses energy, cools your home, and functions overall will decrease. When efficiency decreases, the cost to keep your AC unit running will increase.

Keep Your Air Conditioner in Kankakee Maintained

It’s imperative that you keep your air conditioner maintained. Your AC unit’s air filter is only one of many components that you need to ensure is functioning properly to keep your home cool and your family healthy. Are you experiencing any of the problems listed above? Don’t wait until there is a problem with your unit to call the air conditioning experts in Kankakee.