how to maintain your air conditioner in nine easy steps

As we move from winter into spring, the temperatures are going to heat up a bit. This means that you will want your air conditioner ready for the Kankakee summer. Instead of waiting until you need your AC unit to keep your home cool, why not have it serviced now? Not only will you get your unit maintenanced, but you will be able to flip your AC on without the stress of it potentially not working.

At Home Furniture, Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical, we want you to enjoy your summer, not dread it because your cooling system doesn’t work. What you’ll find is that our company is focused on your needs first, whether that be AC repair, AC install, or AC tune-ups. We offer them all.

In this article, however, we’re going to discuss the importance of AC repairs. While keeping your AC unit in working order, things can get away from you. We completely understand. You’re a homeowner with a life that extends beyond your AC unit, and it can be tough to keep your HVAC system top-of-mind unless it breaks.

How to Maintain Your AC Unit

If you keep your AC Unit well-maintained, not only can you rely on it to keep your home cool, but you can potentially enjoy a lower energy bill. This is why it’s so important to schedule regular HVAC service tune-ups. Here’s how you can maintain our AC unit:

#1. Turn the Power Off

Electricity is dangerous. You will want to turn the power off that goes to your AC unit so that you reduce the risk of getting shocked. At this point, if you’re not sure you can maintain your air conditioner on your own, give Home Furniture, Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical a call today. Otherwise, make sure the power to your AC unit is off.

#2. Get Rid of Debris

Remove the fan cage from the exterior condenser or compressor. You can use a screwdriver or other tool to loosen the fasteners and lift the cage away from the unit. Using your hands or industrial vacuum, you can remove any debris or leaves from inside. Doing this helps improve the performance of your unit.

#3. Clean the Fins

Start by removing the out unit covers so that you can get to the fins. Once you have access to the fins, use a gentle stream of water from a water hose to remove dirt, debris, or dust. Make sure and spray the water from the inside out. Never use a pressure washer to do this job, as it can damage the unit in a variety of ways. Rinsing the fins not getting the job done? You can get an industrial strength fin cleaner, which should get the job done.

#4. Straighten the Fins

Any air-flow reduction can affect the AC unit’s performance. You want your fins to be straight and able to pass air through the unit as effectively as possible. Use a knife or commercial fin straightener tool to even out the fins. If a ball or object bounced against the fins at any point, it may have bent them. This can negatively affect your unit. This is why it’s important to check it regularly for any issues.

#5. Clean the Area Near Your Unit

How clean is the area around your unit. Within a six-foot radius, you will want to make sure shrubbery, dirt, or any other potential barriers to air flow are reduce or removed. During the winter, you may have had the condenser covered, since it wasn’t in use. Now, you want your condenser/compressor to have as much space as possible to promote airflow.

#6. Check the Pad Level

Over time, the level of the pad below your unit can shift or move. This causes the unit to not be level, which can lead to other issues. Take a level and see if the pad below your unit is level. If it is not, it’s time to consider having a company raise it for you back to level.

#7. Check the Evaporator Coil

Let’s move to the inside of your blower or furnace unit to check the evaporator coil. Look for the evaporator coil door, open it, and take a look. Take a soft brush and use it to gently dust off the coil. You will want to spray the coil with no-rinse coil cleaner, next. Watch to make sure the spray foams. After it foams, the spray will drip into the drip pan. Clean out the drip pan. You can use soap and warm water to do this. Once you do this, your coil should be good to go.

#8. Unplug Your Evaporator Drain

If step seven gave you any trouble, you may have a clogged evaporator drain. This means that you need to unclog it. You can use an industrial vacuum to suck out the clog drain pipe. Connect the vacuum to the drain pipe outside the condenser and turn it on for about two minutes. This will get most of what may be clogging the pipe out of the unit.

#9. Change Out the Blower Filter

You will want to consider changing out the filter before the cooling season, which is right in the middle of spring as temperatures begin to rise. Make sure and find a filter with the same air filter rating. Choosing a filter that does not have the same filter rating can be detrimental to your system.

Your Air Conditioning Experts in Kankakee

Home Furniture, Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical is here to help you with your air conditioning needs. Whether you need a repair, installation, or tune-up, we’re here to serve you. Now that you know how to maintain your AC unit on your own, give it a try. If it still seems way too complicated, give us a call today, and we’ll come out to take care of you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your AC unit checked today!