When the temperatures start getting warmer, it is important to keep the whole family safe. While you and your kids might be able to express when you are too warm, your dogs might struggle to let you know when they are in danger of overheating. In order to keep your furry pals safe this summer, check out these tips on how you can ensure they are cool enough even on the hottest summer days.

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Take Your Walks At The Right Time Of Day

No doubt your four-legged friend loves to go out for a nice long walk every day. Walking your dog is not only a great way to keep them physically fit, but it can also ensure you stay active as well. When the summer has reached its peak heat, you don’t want to stop walking your dog but you should adjust your walking schedule. While a nice, long Saturday afternoon walk may have been just the ticket in the spring and fall, during the summer heat it is best to avoid walking in the afternoons.

Instead, opt for an early morning walk or a late evening stroll. During these times of the day not only will you prevent Fido from getting heat stroke, you will also save his paws. While you have the luxury of wearing shoes, your dog will feel the summer’s hot rays when he steps on black asphalt. When in doubt, use the five-second rule. Hold the back of your hand to the pavement and count slowly to five. If the asphalt is too hot for you to keep your hand in place, it is too hot for your dog to walk on. By scheduling your walks for the mornings and evenings, you can prevent your dog from burning his paws or overheating on the walk. Make sure that you also bring extra water so your furry pal can stop for drinks along the way.

Keep Your AC Running

When you and the other human members of your family all leave for the day, don’t forget about your furry family members. While turning off the AC may seem like a great way to cut down on bills, it can be dangerous to leave your dog in a home during the summer without any cooling system. It is also better for your AC system to keep the home regulated throughout the day rather than overworking to cool down a hot house when you arrive home.

To ensure you leave the temperature at a comfortable level for your dog, try turning the AC up to a warmer temperature while you are home. Watch your dog for any signs of distress, such as excessive panting. By leaving your AC on for your furry friend, you can help ensure they stay safe even during the afternoon heat when they are alone.

Make Sure They Have Access To Water

Whether they are lounging in the backyard with you while you grill or they are with you on a long walk on the trails, make sure your dog always has access to plenty of water. A lack of water can lead to dehydration, which is particularly dangerous during the hot summer months. Keep a portable water dish handy when you are out and about and ensure all their water dishes at home are always full.

Remember, your dog uses panting as one method of cooling themselves down. The hotter it is and the more they pant, the more water they will need to stay hydrated.

Watch For Signs Of Heat Stroke

On a particularly warm day, if you are worried about your pup, pay close attention to them to watch for any signs of heat stroke. Heat stroke occurs when their body can no longer regulate due to the external temperatures. Since dogs can only cool down through panting and heat dissipation via a small amount of sweat glands on their feet, they will easily overheat before their human companion.

Keep an eye on a dog that seems to be struggling on a particularly warm day. Watch for any of the following symptoms of heat stroke:

  • Noticeable panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Wobbly gait
  • Collapsing
  • Vomiting
  • Bright blue or red gums
  • Glazed eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Non-responsive

If your dog is demonstrating any signs of heat stroke, it is important to try to cool them down immediately. Move them right away to a cooler location, preferably a place with air conditioning. Place cool, wet towels on your dog’s armpits and between his hind legs. Take your dog to a vet as soon as possible to ensure they recover fully.

Never Leave Them In The Car

One of the most common ways heat stroke occurs in dogs is when they are left in cars during the summer months. Even if you think the temperature isn’t that hot and even if you leave a window cracked, the interior of your car can quickly become too much for your dog. Remember, dogs cannot sweat like humans can, which makes a hot car unbearable for a dog. Even when it is only 75 degrees outside, the interior of your car can become 104 degrees in only 20 minutes. When in doubt, don’t leave your furry pal in an enclosed vehicle.

Ensure Your AC Is Operating For Your Dogs All Summer Long

Keep the whole family cool this summer, including your furry family members by handling AC repairs and maintenance in a timely manner. If you need help keeping your air conditioning system in tip-top shape, give our team a call. We can assist you with all things air conditioning in Kankakee and surrounding areas.