Are you considering whether or not it is time to replace your current AC system and upgrade to something new? We are here to help you determine when the best time for AC replacement is. As experts in air conditioning installation, we are equipped to help homeowners throughout the area replace outdated and inefficient systems. When it comes to all things air conditioning in Kankakee, we are the team to call. With years of experience in the industry, we can help you determine the best AC solutions for your needs.

Should this be the summer you replace your air conditioning system? Read on to learn more about exactly when you should opt for AC replacement rather than repairs to the unit you have.

You Have A Broken AC Unit

One of the most obvious reasons you might choose to have a new air conditioning system installed is because your current system is broken. While some broken AC units simply need to be repaired, there are other cases where the cost of repairs is not worth it.

If your AC unit has broken down and it is already an extremely old unit, it might be better to invest in a replacement rather than continued repairs. This is particularly true if you have spent the past few summers dumping money into the old system. While repairs can work for a period of time, there is a point in which an old AC unit is simply past its prime.

If you are torn between repairing your current system and replacing it, have a trusted HVAC technician inspect your current AC unit to determine the cost of repairs. Use this cost estimate to calculate whether or not repairs are a worthwhile investment. In some cases, the repairs might be so extensive you aren’t spending that much more on a new unit. Your HVAC tech can also advise you on what lifespan they think your current unit will have and as to whether or not they think repairs will extend the unit’s life for much longer.

You Want To Switch To Central Air

Perhaps you have been cooling your home with window units for years. The time has come that you are tired of this inefficient method and you are ready to upgrade to central air. In this case, it is the right time to consider AC replacement.

Central air will ensure that your home is far cooler than window units can. Not only will your home be more comfortable, it will also be more aesthetically pleasing. No one enjoys having window units take up valuable space in their home. When you switch to central air, you can have all your window views back and your home will look nicer from both the inside and outside. This investment will also increase the value of your home in case you ever sell.

Your Cooling Bills Are Too High

Another common reason homeowners opt for air conditioning replacement is due to high energy costs. If you are using an old, outdated AC system, your bills can be unnecessarily high. Older systems were not built with energy efficiency in mind and as they age, they become increasingly bad about overusing energy.

If you are hoping to cut down on energy bills this summer, an AC upgrade can be just the ticket. Modern AC systems are extremely energy efficient, leading to a cooler home for less cost. Not only will your pocketbook thank you but the environment will as well.

For those who are interested in operating a more sustainable home, talk to our HVAC techs about Energy Star rated AC systems. These AC units are designed to operate with the least amount of energy possible. Pair a new AC system with a smart thermostat and you can drastically cut down on your energy usage, even during the hottest summer months.

Your Current System Doesn’t Keep Your Home Comfortable

If you lay in bed at night tossing and turning, sweat pouring down your face, it is probably a good sign that your AC system is in need of replacement. When your home is uncomfortable, it is draining on you physically and mentally. No one likes to spend their summer days at home, sweating it out on their couch, unable to do anything active for fear of heat stroke.

Upgrade to a new AC system and regain the comfort of your home. With a new, central air system you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home. Get better sleep and enjoy more activity with a properly cooled home.

You Want A Newer Unit

Sometimes the reason for a new air conditioning system installation is quite simple. You want a newer model. New air conditioning systems offer a myriad of benefits from efficiency to effectiveness to better designs. No matter what the reason, if you simply want to upgrade to a new AC unit, now is the perfect time.

Our talented HVAC technicians will be happy to walk you through what models are available and will work with you to find the right AC unit for your budget and your family’s needs. We are equipped with years of experience and can help ensure that the AC system you choose will be the perfect fit for your specific home.

Reach Out For AC Replacement Today

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