7 Surprising Home Electricity Facts You Ought to Know

Dozens of appliances and features in your home utilize electricity. Whether you realize it or not, electricity is a fundamental part of your daily life. From your refrigerator keeping your food cold to the monitor at your office that allows you to check email, electricity is used for a lot.

Imagine a world without electricity. Would we go back to the Dark Ages? At Home Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical & Furniture, we want to help you understand electricity better — and how you use it in your home. That way when you give us a call for electrical services in Kankakee, you can let us know exactly what’s wrong.

Surprising Electricity Facts You Ought to Know

Do you know how much electricity your home uses per year? Have you considered why birds can perch on power lines and not get electrocuted? These are profound questions that have answers. Below, you will find 7 surprising electricity facts:

Fact #1: The average US home uses about 11,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year

Consider how many appliances, features, lights, and more that exist in your home. From your bedside lamp to your garage opener (and everything in between) electricity is flowing through your home. For most homeowners, they do their best to save on utility bills by utilizing alternative energy sources and reducing their energy usage.

Fact #2. Electricity travels at the speed of light

In fact, the electricity that travels through your home travels at a slower speed, about 1/100th of the speed of light. However, different forms of electricity can travel at the speed of light.

Fact #3. Electricity can be produced by a variety of sources

When it comes to producing electricity, there are a variety of ways to do so. To name a few, fossil fuels, large hydro plants, nuclear plants, wind turbines, solar panels, and more. With so many different ways to produce electricity, the ability to power the world is a multi-faceted effort.

Fact #4. Birds and other small critters can perch or crawl along power lines without being shocked

While this may seem like a magic trick, it’s a matter of science. The birds or other critters do not create a complete circuit when they end up on the power lines, which removes the chance that they get electrocuted. If, however, they were to touch two power lines simultaneously, they would complete a circuit and be electrocuted.

Fact #5. Electricity travels between six or more “stations” before it arrives at your home

In most electrical systems, the power starts at a generation facility and travels through a high-voltage switchyard, transmission lines, a substation, a distribution line, a transformer, and then to your home. In some cases, electricity can go through more stations to get to your home.

Fact #7. Nearly 40% of all sourced energy is used as electricity

Consider your own home and all the electrical appliances, features, and lighting. Now multiply that by all the occupied homes in America. This number alone is only a small percentage of the global energy usage as electricity. It’s important to understand that electricity is vital to how we live today.

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