You open another utility email, and it shows how much you owe for the prior month in electricity. The price tag is a bit shocking. Every month since you’ve moved into your home, the cost has risen. What’s the deal? You turn off lights when you’re not using them, you leave your AC unit on but at the same temperature, and you do laundry early in the morning. What else can you do to keep your electricity bills down?

So you want to upgrade your home to save money on energy costs. It can be daunting to search online for all the potential electrical upgrades you can make. At Home Heating, Plumbing, Electrical & Furniture, we want you to make the most of your electricity, so we’re going to share the top five upgrades you can make to your home.

Imagine a home that functions so efficiently you’re excited to get your utility bill. Does this type of home even exist? Home Heating, Plumbing, Electrical & Furniture believes that it does. Your home, however, needs some upgrades. Read on to learn more about what you can do to make your home more efficient.

5 Home Electricity Upgrades to Save Money

You want to make your home more efficient so that you can save money on energy. Know that you’re not alone. Many homeowners want to cut costs where they can and still live the lifestyle they love. You can do this, but it’s going to take some focused decisions. Let’s look at some home upgrades you can make:

#1. Replace Your Appliances

Imagine your favorite appliance. How efficient is that appliance? Do you know how much energy it uses when it is “off”? Most “modern” appliances still draw energy even though they are not in use. Replacing your current appliances with more efficient and/or smart appliances will reduce how much energy they use to operate and while they are off.

#2. Get a Programmable Thermostat

Your current thermostat simply runs until it reaches a certain temperature (measured at one location in your home), and then it shuts off. The simple on/off cycle works, but it requires much more energy than what a programmable thermostat can offer. You can leverage low-cost electricity hours to get your climate exactly how you want it and then maintain it through high-cost electricity hours. Ultimately, you have more control over how your thermostat functions to keep your home warm or cool.

#3. Seal Your Doors and Windows

You can seal your current doors and windows or you can buy new ones. As our windows and doors age, their ability to protect from the environment in regards to air temperature diminishes. That’s why, if you have relatively newer windows and doors, you want to seal them. If you have older windows and doors, it’s time to replace them with more advanced technology.

#4. Install or Upgrade Your Ceiling Fans

For most, ceiling fans are for decoration; however, they can be used to help circulate air when you need it most. If you want to keep your warm or cool air moving through your home without relying solely on the force of your HVAC system, turn on ceiling fans and run them for a short period of time. A great way to use ceiling fans are to have them on in the room you’re occupying. This way air circulates where you are, saving energy in other rooms where you’re not located.

#5. Upgrade Your Lights

Did you know that the average homeowner will spend 20% of their energy bill on their lights every year. The energy it takes to keep your home lit can be reduced in a few different ways. Don’t use your lights unless you need them, and replace your lights with more efficient bulbs. These two changes can save you hundreds annually.

Not Sure What to Upgrade? Get an Energy Audit

You can contact a home-energy audit specialist to come out and inspect your home. She will go through everything that relates directly to your home’s energy efficiency. Once you get the audit, you will then have a report on what to make a priority and what to leave for later.

Call Your Local Electrical Specialist for Services in Kankakee

While you’re making these home upgrades, you may need electrical services in your Kankakee home. Home Heating, Plumbing, Electrical & Furniture is here to serve you. Give us a call and schedule your appointment today!