Do you want to save energy and pay less for your utility bills? You’re not alone. Homeowners across the nation want to save more and stay warm through the fall and into the winter. Statistics show that the average homeowner could save 10 percent by simply turning back their thermostat seven to 10 degrees for up to eight hours a day. If that’s not enough, then we’ll share eight ways to efficiently heat your home this fall and save money doing it. As your heating experts in Kankakee, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more.

Eight Ways To Heat Your Home This Fall

As we move from summer into fall, the temperatures will slowly drop, and people will begin to transition from cold to warm air. What’s more, most homeowners will rely directly on their heating to keep their home cozy and comfortable. What if you could efficiently heat your home, supplementing your heat with other methods of warming up during the fall season? Here are eight ways to heat your home efficiently:

Tip #1 – Eliminate the draft

Start with identifying any areas in your home that allow warm air out of your home. This is typically found around doors, windows, skylights, electrical outlets, vents, and non-insulated spaces like the garage. Seal up these gaps to eliminate drafts and keep the warm air in your home.

Tip #2 – Clear your vents

In most cases, it’s an accident when you find a piece of furniture or a belonging over the top of or completely blocking a vent. Make sure all of your vents in the home are clear and open. Don’t make your heater work any harder than it has to. You can also dust and vacuum the damper to make sure it’s working properly.

Tip #3 – Reduce water heater temperature

Have you ever run out of hot water? If the answer is “no,” then you probably have your water heater set a little too high. Lower the temperature to a point that you can handle. Spend less time in the shower. These adjustments should help lower utility bills.

Tip #4 – Change your furnace filter regularly

Check your furnace filter routinely and call a professional to change it when it’s dirty. If it doesn’t get dirty too often, contact your heating expert in Kankakee for general guidelines on when to change it. Furthermore, a bi-annual tune-up proves effective in keeping your heater functioning properly.

Tip #5 – Insulate your home

This can be a more expensive option compared to the other tips on this list, but it is one of the more effective solutions to inefficient heat use during the fall. Adding more insulation to your home will keep more heat in and let less out, leading to less use of your heater to keep your home warm.

Tip #6 – Check your ceiling fan

In some cases, homeowners will forget that their ceiling fan needs to run counter-clockwise to properly circulate air. If your fan is running clockwise, you’re effectively pushing the air down into the center of the room. You want air to circulate up, out, and then down your walls.

Tip #7 – Use the sun

On those days that the sun is shining, but the temperature is frigid, stay indoors. Open curtains that allow sunlight into the home. The glass will keep the cold air out but allow warm air in. This is an effective way to warm a sun-facing room without using your heater.

Tip #8 – Set your thermostat

Although it looks better on the display, set your thermostat between 67 and 70 degrees to keep your home warm without using too much energy to heat it. Make sure you lower your home temperature while you’re asleep, too. This way you use less energy and get a better night’s rest in the process.

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