In a previous blog, we discussed ways that you can keep yourself cozy during the winter without cranking up the heat. In this post, we will talk about the things you can do to your house to improve the efficiency of your heating system, which will also lead to improved energy savings. Some of these tasks are quick and cost you little to nothing, while others are a bigger investment. Each one is geared towards ensuring that your home is warmer without the need for using more energy than you already do. If you need help implementing improved heating in Kankakee in your home, we can help. We work with homeowners around the area to ensure their homes are toasty and warm without breaking the bank.

Improve Your Weatherstripping

In some cases, your home is losing warm air due to gaps around windows and doorways. The best way to tell whether or not your weatherstripping is at fault is to walk through the steps below.

  1. Start by placing your hand near the bottom, sides, and tops of windows and doorways that lead to the outdoors. Do you feel a draft? If you can feel cold air seeping in, you probably need better weatherstripping.
  2. Next, visually inspect the weatherstripping around your doorways and windows. In some cases, you might find that it is cracked and crumbling due to old age. In other situations, there might not even be weatherstripping present.
  3. Finally, in areas where you noticed deterioration or a lack of weatherstripping, install a brand new product. This weatherstripping can go a long way in keeping warm are in and cold air out.

Invest In Quality Drapes

A major location for energy loss is around your windows. If you don’t have thick drapes or curtains covering your windows, you might be losing a large amount of heat through your windows. A quick and easy fix for this is to purchase nice, thick drapes for any area where you have a large number of windows. These are simple to install and can drastically improve your heating costs.

To get the most out of your drapes, close them during any hours of the day where sunlight is not present. During the peak heat of the day, when the sun will be shining through those particular windows, open the drapes back up to allow for natural heating.

Replace Old Windows

This task is not quite as simple as installing some extra drapes, but if you have old windows with extremely thin panes of glass, it might be worth investing in an upgrade. Newer windows are designed with thick, energy efficient glass. You can even have winter storm windows installed for added protection against the cold. New windows will not only improve the efficiency of your home during winter months, but they will also allow you to use less energy during the summer months to keep your home cool.

Close Off Unused Rooms

Another extremely simple way you can cut down on energy loss in your home is by shutting vents in unused rooms and closing the doors to these rooms. If you have a few guest rooms or an office that is rarely touched, this can help you lower how much you spend on heating your home. There is no reason to waste your money pushing heat into a room that no one is utilizing.

For added efficiency, you can put blankets or rugs along the bottom of these doors so that warm air doesn’t transfer into the room through door gaps.

Schedule A Quick Tune-Up

Finally, an effective method for improving your home’s energy efficiency during the cold winter months is to give your HVAC team a call. A simple tune-up is inexpensive but can contribute greatly to improved heating in the home. In many cases, your HVAC technician will be able to offer you a few simple repairs or maintenance tips that can contribute to significant savings. During a tune-up, your HVAC tech will look for any major inefficiencies in your system as a whole. They can give you a break down of what is costing you the most in efficiency as well as a few simple solutions for the problems.

Contact Our Team

Interested in quickly improving your home’s energy efficiency? We can help. Implement a few of the above tips and contact us for a heating system tune-up. Our team at Home Furniture, Plumbing, Electrical & Heating, is ready to assist you with all your heating needs. As local Kankakee heating experts, we understand the best ways to keep your home warm during our long winter months. Our goal is to offer quick, affordable, and easy solutions to homeowners who are looking to improve their use of energy for heating their home. If you are interested in learning more, contact our friendly team and we will get to work helping you find the perfect heating solutions.