At some point in time, most homeowners will need to replace their existing furnace. Whether your furnace is old and no longer operable or you simply want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system, a new furnace can be an outstanding investment. As with any large purchase, the process of choosing the right product for your home can feel overwhelming. After all, you want to enjoy the use of your furnace for years to come.

If you are looking to purchase a new furnace, talk to the Kankakee heating experts at Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating. We can help you choose the perfect furnace for your needs. You can also read on to check out our quick guide to picking out the right furnace for your home.

Think About Your Utility Bills

The first place you will want to start is by understanding the energy efficiency of the furnaces you are considering. Different furnaces will utilize different fuel sources and they will operate at a different level of efficiency. One number to look at is the furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This calculation will give you an idea of how efficient your new furnace will be. When you live in a cold climate, such as ours, you want to shoot for a furnace with 90 percent AFUE or more. This will allow you to lower your energy costs while still heating your home effectively.

While you might pay a larger amount up front for a highly efficient model, keep in mind how much of the cost you will recoup over the course of the following years. It is worth thinking about financing as an option if you can save enough on your energy bills. Calculate these savings into your present budget and determine how much you can afford to invest in a new furnace.

Talk About Warranties

One of the benefits of owning a brand new furnace is that you will receive a new warranty. Different brands and models will come equipped with warranties of varying lengths. When you are looking at the warranties offered, use this as a good indication of when you will start needing to invest in repairs again. For example, a model that offers you a 10-year warranty is probably going to be a quality investment that does not break down for a decade of time. After all, if the manufacturer is willing to offer a long warranty, it means they have built a solid piece of equipment that they know they can trust to operate without issues. A unit with a much shorter warranty might also give you good service for years to come, but you are at a higher risk for repair costs.

While warranties are a good indication of how high of quality a product is, they are not a foolproof way of knowing what to expect. Talk to your HVAC team about the different warranties offered and get their expert advice. An HVAC tech will know which furnaces they are constantly being called on to repair. They can also guide you to the furnaces they have installed that have provided homeowners with years of quality service.

Make Sure It Is Sized Properly

One of the worst mistakes you can make when purchasing any new HVAC component is buying a product that is not the right size for your needs. Make sure that when you purchase a new furnace, you have an experienced HVAC tech assess your home’s heating needs. You want a furnace that can easily heat your entire home without needing to strain the system. Conversely, you also want one that is not oversized, which can lead to early wear and tear as well. A properly sized furnace will run smoothly, keeping your home cozy without over-consuming energy.

Look For An Energy-Saving Thermostat

As you browse new furnaces, look for a system that can integrate with an energy-saving thermostat as well. Smart technology has come a long way and when you utilize a smart thermostat in your home, you can cut down on energy bills drastically. A smart thermostat will learn your patterns and will adjust your home’s temperatures accordingly. This can go a long way in cutting down on wasted energy. Talk to your HVAC team about implementing the use of smart technology with your new furnace.

Work With The Right Team

Ultimately, finding the right furnace will be made easier by working with the right HVAC team. It can be overwhelming to shop the vast array of furnaces on the market, which is why having an experienced and trustworthy HVAC team on your side is vital. Make sure that you find an HVAC company that you feel comfortable communicating with. Be sure they listen to your needs and that they offer valuable advice about your purchase. Choosing a new furnace is a big step, so ensure you have all the facts before you make this investment.

Are you thinking of having a new furnace installed? We can help! We will be glad to work with you to find the right heating system for your needs. As your local Kankakee heating experts, we look forward to helping you keep your home cozy and your energy bills low. Reach out today.