There are many home cooling myths that you need to stop believing!

Now that we are in the middle of July, the heat is on, and many people are looking for ways to stay comfortable without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, there are many home cooling myths out there that could damage your air conditioner and increase your energy bills. The good news is that the HVAC repair experts in Kankakee from Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating are here to help. Here are a few of the most common myths about cooling your home that you need to stop believing:

Myth #1. You’ll save more if you leave your thermostat at the same temperature all the time.

Many people believe that it takes more energy to restart an air conditioner than it is to keep the temperature steady, but that simply isn’t true. The fact is, there is absolutely no point in cooling an empty home. At the very least, you should be turning your thermostat up when you leave the house.

Myth #2. Keeping a fan on will keep your room cool.

Fans don’t actually change the temperature, but the movement they create will help to cool you off. If you turn a fan on, you are safe to turn your thermostat up a few degrees, but keep in mind that there’s no point in running a fan when you aren’t physically in the room.

These are just a couple of home cooling myths that can actually lead to higher energy bills. Would you like to learn more? If so, check back next week for more home cooling myths!