Many people take their HVAC systems for granted. Not us! We have been in the industry for years, and have the knowledge and experience to get your home’s HVAC system up and running efficiently. There is a lot that goes into an HVAC system, the technology has been improved upon many times over the years. Here, we thought we would list a quick overview of the history of HVAC.


Dr. John Gorrie designs and invents a machine that uses compression to create buckets full of ice. Air is then blown over the bucket of ice, cooling it, and blown out of the machine to cool the area around it. Although he created a successful prototype, he was unable to find any financial backing for his invention. Still, it kick started the progression of what would become the modern day HVAC system.


Willis Carrier invents another precursor to the modern HVAC system: a machine that protects paper from being ruined by humidity. He called it the Apparatus for Treating Air. With a similar design to Gorrie’s machine, Carrier’s blew air over cold coils to affect both temperature and humidity. Unlike Gorrie, Carrier found many investors for his invention, and used the money to start the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America that we all know of today.


Stuart Cramer, a textile mill engineer, invents a machine that ventilates water vapor into the air, making the environment much more humid. Cramer worked in a factory that worked with yarn, which requires a certain amount of humidity to work with.


One of the first instances of air conditioning being introduced to the masses occurs when the Rivoli Theater in New York City opts to have a Carrier brand AC system installed to keep its patrons cool.


The first ever personal window mounted air conditioning unit is invented by H. H. Schultz and J. Q. Sherman. It is available to the public, but a price tag with a lower end of $10,000 made it prohibitively expensive for most of the public to use.


The first ever car with its own air conditioning unit is sold.


Air conditioning truly hits mainstream during the post World War II economic boom. In no time, millions of air conditioning units are installed in homes all across the country.


Central air conditioning enters the picture, revolutionizing the HVAC industry. These systems utilize a condenser, coils, and a fan to bring heated and cool air throughout the entire area of a home. The refrigerant Freon is developed during this time, which helps increase the efficiency of residential HVAC systems by a huge margin.


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