With the cold of our Kankakee winter upon us, many people are relying on the heat that their furnaces produce to shield them and their homes from the frigid outdoor temperatures. But sometimes heating systems go awry, causing you to need to call an HVAC company to troubleshoot what’s going on and get it fixed before you and your pipes freeze.

Few things are worse than walking into your house after a long day at work to find that it’s cold inside. You walk over to your heat registers and put your hand over them, and there’s nothing happening. What could be the trouble? Here are some tips from our HVAC repair service in Kankakee to help you to identify the most common problems that could go wrong to cause your heat to stop working.


1. Check that the power is working

If you don’t have power at all, then it may not be your furnace that is the culprit. Even if you have a gas furnace, it will typically have an electric blower that is responsible for circulating the warm air through your house.

2. Check that your furnace’s thermostat is set correctly

This may not apply if you left the house with the temperature feeling fine and came back to a cold house. However, to be sure, it’s important to rule out the possibility that someone could have moved the temperature setting (either purposely or inadvertently).

3. Check your filter

A faulty or clogged filter can cause your furnace to have to work too hard, resulting in an overload to your furnace’s output. When you visually inspect your filter, do you see obvious dirt? Changing the filter is a cheap and easy task that should be done regularly, and if it hasn’t been done in a while, it might be time to do it.

I tried these three things and nothing worked (or they don’t apply to me)! What else can I try?

If you’ve covered the bases on these common points, then the next step is very important.

4. Read your furnace’s error code, if possible

All newer furnaces come with a tiny dark window, usually about a foot up from the floor, where you will see a blinking light. If your furnace is experiencing an error, its tiny light will blink in a specific pattern. Count the blinks and the pauses to determine exactly what your furnace is saying to you. Different furnaces have different codes, but let’s say your light is blinking in a cycle of three fast blinks and two slow blinks. Write this information down on a sheet of paper and reserve it in a safe place where you can easily access it until the problem is solved.

5. Call your friendly HVAC repair service

Having this code will be extremely valuable to your HVAC repair technician, because it will allow us to narrow down the source of the trouble with the greatest speed and accuracy. When you call, be sure to mention the exact sequence of blinks on your furnace. That way, we’ll be able to fix your furnace quickly and have you on your way back to a toasty warm home in no time.

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