Getting a new air conditioning unit is an exciting moment, and with the hot days of summer almost upon us, it’s a great thing to start thinking about. Many people invest a significant amount of attention into which brand and model of air conditioning unit they want. However, did you know that the same exact AC unit can behave differently depending on the quality of the installation? When you get an air conditioner, you want a unit that will last a long time and keep your indoor air comfortable while operating as efficiently as possible. What most people don’t realize is that the ability to get the maximum results depends on the installation of the unit. In this blog post from our HVAC company in Kankakee, we’d like to go over a few tips to look for in choosing an air conditioner company that will give you a good quality installation.

1. Installation Quality Can Affect the Lifespan Of Your AC Unit

Do you have a furnace or air conditioner that didn’t seem to last as long as you thought it should? The reason for this could be tied directly to the quality of the installation. There are many AC crews out there who have no training, don’t know how do things the right way, and just hack together a job that is “good enough.” This can actually result in a unit that fails sooner, as the quality of the installation can contribute to whether your air conditioner is overtaxed.

2. Installation Quality Can Affect the Efficiency Of Your AC Unit

It’s common to see that air conditioners lose efficiency over time. If you buy a unit with a certain SEER rating, that number represents the maximum efficiency the unit could possibly have, not the constant efficiency that it has. So if air conditioners are prone to become less efficient over time all by themselves, it’s much worse if you have an inferior-quality installation that robs even more efficiency from the unit than it could have had. You won’t see as many savings on your bill as you would expect.

3. An Inferior Installation Can Cause You To Have To Hire Someone to Redo It

If you get a deal that seems too good to be true from someone claiming to be able to install your AC unit for a fraction of the cost that others would do it, beware. We’ve seen too many times that the job was done so poorly by one of these crews that in order to get things back into shape, we have to remove the installation and start over from scratch. This is really unfortunate and costly to the homeowner, and it ends up offsetting any money they thought they had saved by going with the cheaper guys.

4. Installation of Your AC Affects Your Home

An effective installation of air conditioning requires a number of parts that can affect other areas in your home. For instance, if your HVAC crew needs to cut additional vents and install additional ductwork in your flooring, you won’t want them to cut corners or do the job halfway. Your air conditioning system, from the placement of vents to the installation of ductwork to the proper installation of the unit itself, is a precision mechanical system that should be installed with care.

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