Indoor air quality is an incredibly important factor that can either promote or detract from your health and overall well-being. It is traditionally understood that there are three main factors that affect your health: The food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. In this article, we’d like to take a look at just the third indicator, the air you breathe, and explore its importance and the effect your HVAC system has on it.

Why good clean air is important

Whether you live alone or have a family, you should be concerned about the quality of the air you breathe. Air quality can affect far more than just your lungs, as different airborne pollutants and pathogens can affect numerous systems and organs in your body. Furthermore, an increasing number of people are spending more and more of their time indoors, making indoor air the thing you breathe most often. Have you ever noticed that people get sick more often in the winter? This is partly due to the fact that people are breathing a higher proportion of indoor air. Studies have shown that indoor air may contain up to 100 times more pollutants than outdoor air, as circulating germs, dust, and other airborne pollutants simply make the rounds over and over again in a sealed building.

Some Common Air Pollutants and Pathogens

Air is invisible, so it’s easy to forget that we are not just breathing pure oxygen when we take a deep breath. Far from it! You may have any combination of the following common pollutants floating around in your house:

  • Dust
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pet Dander
  • Tiny Hairs
  • Chemicals and Toxins (e.g. paints, solvents, cleaners, and pesticides)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Mold Spores
  • Dust Mite Debris

Get an Ideal HVAC Setup

The first and easiest thing you can do is to change your air filter regularly. When your heater roars to life in the winter, you don’t want it to simply be blowing the same old contaminants at you that have been circulating in your house since November.


However, there is much more that you can do, and our helpful HVAC repair guys here in Kankakee can make all the necessary optimizations to your home’s HVAC system.

Here are some ways we can help improve the air in your home, above and beyond improving the performance of your HVAC.

  • If you have a fireplace, wood stove, or hearth, make sure it is properly vented.
  • If your furnace, air conditioner, or ductwork is in the garage, it can inadvertently draw contaminants into the house. Ask us to move them.
  • Upgrade your water heater and furnace to a sealed-combustion, power-vented, or condensing model.
  • If you have a natural-draft furnace, have it tested for proper venting and move it outside your living space if possible.

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We offer excellent service and attention to detail to our customers, and we are here to ensure that heating your home in the winter doesn’t come with inadvertent drawbacks to your air quality. Call us today and we’ll be happy to test your system and perform any needed repairs on your HVAC system.