When it comes to HVAC services in Kankakee, it’s important you work with the experts to install, repair, or replace your heating and cooling units properly. In some cases, HVAC contractors are using outdated information to make decisions regarding your systems. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know whether or not the information is outdated unless you, too, have become adept in the HVAC industry. This is one of the biggest reasons Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating has put together a list of seven busted heating and cooling myths.

Seven HVAC Myths Busted

If you’ve hired an HVAC expert, make sure they aren’t operating under one of these myths while working on your heating or cooling systems. It’s important to understand that the HVAC industry, similar to other industries, is ever-advancing technology and techniques to better heat, cool, and ventilate homes. Here are the seven myths busted:

Myth #1 – Turning Air Conditioner Off While You’re Not Home Wastes Energy

Truth: In fact, it’s more energy efficient to turn your AC unit off while it’s not in use. New thermostats have tracked data, and it shows, clearly, that leaving your AC unit on while you’re not at home, even at a higher temperature, uses more energy than if you had turned it off during the same time period.

Myth #2 – Air Filters Only Need Changed Once A Year

Truth: Air filters need to be changed at least every three months. If you wait longer, it can negatively affect how your AC unit functions, restricting airflow. Also, air filters have indirect consequences to health if left dirty for too long. Make sure and get those filters changed at least once a quarter.

Myth #3 – Bigger HVAC Systems Work Better

Truth: It depends. If you’re attempting to cool an indoor sporting arena, the bigger HVAC unit may be a great idea; however, in most cases, people are heating or cooling their homes. Larger units work less to regulate indoor climates, which means they cycle on and off more often, causing more wear and tear. This leads to the unit failing sooner than a properly sized one for the same space.

Myth #4 – Close Vents to Increase Energy Efficiency

Truth: Vents are meant to be left open. Closing vents in empty rooms actually causes more pressure in the ducts. This can cause air leaks at duct seams, and it puts more pressure on the unit to push air effectively.

Myth #5 – Thermostat Location Does Not Matter

Truth: Your thermostat location definitely matters. Place it too close to vents, windows, or radiators, and it may shut down prematurely once it senses the climate has reached the set temperature, leaving rooms in your home cold/hot.

Myth #6 – Routine HVAC Service Maintenance Is A Scam

Truth: Homeowners should have their HVAC system checked at least twice a year. Their air filter needs to be replaced at least once a quarter. Finally, depending on the system’s age, it may need a few more tune-ups than a brand new system to stay functioning properly. It’s best to contact an HVAC professional and follow their advice on when and when not to have your system serviced.

Myth #7 – Energy Efficient HVAC Reduces My Utility Bills

Truth: It depends. If you have one of the top-tier HVAC systems in regards to energy efficiency, it may save you a few dollars; however, your home needs to be insulated and sealed correctly to hold the warm or cold air you’re filling it with to relieve your system of its duties. It takes more than the best HVAC system to save money on utilities.

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