What if your furnace dies or your air conditioner starts to smell funny? Who are you going to call? In most cases, you’ll get online and start your search for “HVAC services” or “HVAC contractor.” You’ll find plenty of local heating and cooling experts in Kankakee, but which one should you choose? Not all contractors are the same, and it’s better to hire someone who will fix the problem the first time.

Want to hire the best HVAC service company to fix your heating and cooling issues? In this post, we share seven tips to do just that.

Seven Tips to Hire The Best HVAC Services in Kankakee

Tip #1 – Don’t accept a bid/estimate until the contractor examines your unit

It can be tempting to say yes to a bid over the phone because you want your heating or cooling unit fixed as soon as possible, but we strongly suggest you wait until your unit has been examined in person. Similar to vehicles, no two air conditioners or furnaces are the same. They may have the same model numbers, but their use is not the same, nor is their environment. The HVAC contractor needs to examine the unit before making any sense of what may be causing your heating or cooling issue.

Tip #2 – Be wary of your old unit being replaced with same type and model

Your old air conditioner or furnace is broken. If the HVAC contractor suggests you replace the entire unit, make sure that the reason the unit failed wasn’t due to improper size or type. Replacing an old unit with the same type and model may lead to the same failure issue a few months or years down the road.

Tip #3 – Experience isn’t everything

Experience is a great indicator of dedication to service and skill; however, it needs to be combined with continued education and training. Similar to other industries, the HVAC industry is ever changing. Technology, techniques, and information isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago. A true indicator of an expert HVAC service company is their experience and dedication to ongoing education in the industry.

Tip #4 – Ask for a license

A heating and cooling company providing HVAC services in Kankakee should be licensed and insured. Make sure to confirm their license number and insurance policy number to further protect yourself and your heating and cooling systems.

Tip #5 – Get a written bid/estimate

Once you have confirmed the HVAC contractor is licensed and insured, get the bid in writing. This written estimate protects you if you get scammed by someone or the work that was claimed to have been completed was not completed. Furthermore, a written bid allows you to take it to other heating and cooling companies in the area and potentially get a better price.

Tip #6 – Explore the HVAC companies reputation

You will want to spend some time online searching through star ratings and reviews. Make sure and read reviews and not just look at star ratings. Context is key when looking to see how reputable a company is and how they treat their customers. You can take this a step further and request two or three references from potential HVAC service companies in Kankakee. This allows you to call recent customers and talk to them about their experiences.

Tip #7 – The lowest bid isn’t always the best

It used to be that all HVAC services in Kankakee were of equal quality. That isn’t necessarily true these days. The lowest bid isn’t always the best. Use the earlier tips to decide which heating and cooling company fits your needs.

Find HVAC Services in Kankakee You Can Trust

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