The kitchen is the center of activity in many homes, and if you’re like most people, your kitchen sink is an indispensable part of being able to do your job efficiently. Your kitchen sink allows you to do everything from washing your hands to scrubbing vegetables to getting your dishes done.

If your sink starts to drain slowly, you know what a tremendous inconvenience it is, and if it plugs up entirely, you will be prevented from doing most of the kitchen tasks that you’re used to (not to mention the unappealing stinky water that will be sitting there).

However, it’s completely possible to go for many years without your sink ever backing up, even without a garbage disposal. Treat your sink right, and it will reward you by draining quickly and efficiently every time.

Techniques that will keep your sink from backing up

1. Never let any food go down the drain.

Scrape leftover food from plates and bowls into the trash before rinsing them in the sink.

2. Use a strainer basket.

This is one of the easiest ways to catch food particles that inadvertently find their way into your sink. Choose one that catches even small particles, and empty it into the trash regularly.

If you have been washing dishes by hand, your dish water will likely have a number of bits of food floating around. When you’re ready to drain a full sink, don’t completely remove the plug, but ensure that the strainer basket stays in place to catch all the pieces of food

3. Don’t distinguish between food that you allow down the drain and food that you don’t.

It’s better and more effective to just make a “no food down the drain” rule. If you say to yourself, “Well, this particular thing seems so wet and soggy that it’s probably fine, so I’ll make an exception this once,” then you’ll probably end up inadvertently letting hard and solid things (like popcorn kernels or chunks of raw carrot) go down the drain, too. Yes, it’s true that the “wet and soggy” things will decompose faster in your pipes, and therefore will wash through faster, but they still contribute to a backup, and they also create an unpleasant odor. It’s better to just make it your rule of thumb to keep ALL food out of your drain.

4. Throw potato peels and other food preparation scraps into the trash.

If you’re used to peeling your potatoes or carrots into the sink, you can still do it–there’s almost no more convenient way to do it, and we do this, too. However, we remove them to the trash afterward rather than washing them down the drain. To make this easy, try putting a flexible cutting board into the bottom of your sink first. Then peel your vegetables, and when you’re done, lift the cutting board out of the sink and dump everything into the trash.


If you haven’t been following these tips, you may be stuck right now with a kitchen sink that simply doesn’t want to drain. If this is the case, give us a call today at (815) 933-8211, and one of our plumbers will be happy to come visit your home for a repair.



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