Protect your plumbing by knowing what not to flush down your toilet.

Plumbing systems are more fragile than most people think, and flushing the wrong things down your toilet could have serious consequences. In our last blog, the plumbing professionals at Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating, went over a few of the most common items that people put down toilets but shouldn’t. Protect your home’s plumbing system in Kankakee by never flushing these last few items:

#4. Paper Towels

While both paper towels and toilet paper are disposable paper products, paper towels are not designed to be flushed. Paper towels are made to be thick and absorbent, and they won’t break down in your plumbing system like toilet paper will. Avoid flushing paper towels. Put them in the trash instead.

#5. Cotton Balls

It’s easy to assume that cotton balls will break down in your plumbing system, but they won’t. Cotton balls are likely to clump together in your pipes, forming clogs and causing blockages. Never flush cotton balls; throwing them away is a much safer option for your plumbing.

#6. Disposable Bandages

Disposable bandages, like Band-Aids, are typically made from plastic. Plastic isn’t biodegradable, and disposable bandages can form clogs in your pipes. Always throw your disposable bandages away instead of flushing them.

Just because something says that it’s flushable on the label, doesn’t mean that your plumbing system can handle it. In order to label products this way, they simply need to be able to get down the toilet, not through your plumbing system. Stick with flushing only human waste and toilet paper to keep your plumbing system safe.