Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage can!

Many people flush anything and everything down their toilets, but the bottom line is that your toilet isn’t a garbage can, and it shouldn’t be treated like one. The fact is that the only items that should be ever flushed down your toilet are toilet paper and human waste; flushing anything else could lead to big trouble. The following is a list from our plumbing experts in Kankakee of a few of the most common items people flush but shouldn’t:

#1. Women’s Hygiene Products

Tampons and pads are both designed to expand when wet. While this design may work perfectly for preventing leaks, it can spell trouble for your plumbing. Tampons and pads will expand in the plumbing system, forming nasty clogs.

#2. “Flushable” Wet Wipes

Regardless of whether the packaging says “flushable” or not, you should never flush a moist towelette or wipe. These wipes are known for creating sewer backups and clogs on both a residential and city-wide level. If you prefer to use wet wipes, throw them away in a trash can rather than flushing them.

#3. Hair

Just because it comes from your body, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to flush! Hair is one of the most common clog-causing substances in sinks, showers and toilets. It tends to clump together, forming massive blockages and smelly odors.

#4. Condoms

Condoms may seem small and unobtrusive, but they won’t break down in your plumbing system, and they can cause some pretty nasty clogs. Dispose of condoms by wrapping them up and throwing them away, not by flushing them.

Learn more items to never flush down your toilet when you stay tuned for our next blog.