As your Kankakee plumbing experts, we are equipped to help you with everything from a quick toilet fix to emergency plumbing repairs. Whether you have a burst pipe or a leaky faucet, our team can help ensure your plumbing issues are resolved in a timely manner. One service that we offer is the installation of a new toilet. If you are thinking about getting rid of your existing porcelain throne, check out these top benefits of installing a new toilet in your home.

#1: Less Wasted Water

Older toilets were not designed to be careful about water consumption. These toilets overutilize water, which leads to much higher bills for you. Not only is a water-guzzling toilet a financial drain, but it is also bad for the environment. Many older toilets also develop issues that lead to them constantly running. If your toilet is a water waster, it might be time to upgrade to a new one. Modern toilets are designed to consume far less water. In fact, new toilets often utilize anywhere from two to five fewer gallons of water per flush. This means that over the course of a year, you are saving thousands of gallons of water. While newer toilets utilize less water, they are still effective. Better designs have allowed for a smaller amount of water to still effectively flush away debris. You can rest assured that while you are saving money on water your plumbing will still work just as it should.

#2: Better Aesthetic Appeal

Did you purchase an older home with a toilet that has always made you cringe? Perhaps the original owners thought that a beautiful magenta toilet would be the perfect accent for their home. Maybe the toilet has become so stained over time that there is no way to make it look clean anymore. No matter what your reasoning, a new toilet can help spiff up this highly used room. With a brand new toilet, you make your bathroom feel like it got a whole new remodel. In fact, if you are planning to improve your bathroom with a new countertop or a brand new tile floor, adding a beautiful new toilet into the mix can go a long way in your updated look. Modern toilets come in a vast array of styles from the simple and sleek to the ornate. Improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal with a new toilet installation.

#3: Improved Comfort

When you sit on your current toilet, do you feel uncomfortable? A good toilet should allow you to sit down in comfort. If you have particular accessibility needs, a new toilet can also help make your life a lot easier. Instead of dealing with an old and rock-like toilet, invest in comfortable new porcelain throne. You and any guests who visit will appreciate the upgrade.

#4: Improved Home Value

Do you have plans to sell your current home? If so, you might want to spend some time updating your bathroom. A new toilet can help spruce up the space. Most home buyers will spend a fair amount of time perusing the bathroom and outdated fixtures can leave a negative impression. It might be time to ditch the lime green toilet from the 70s and opt for a new, sleek white toilet instead. Opting for a neutral color can help any potential buyer see their own sense of style in the room. Avoid bold statements if you wish to sell in the near future.

#5: Better Use Of The Space

If you have a small bathroom that feels extremely cramped, it might be time to invest in a much smaller, sleeker toilet. There are plenty of options on the market now that are designed to take up a minimal amount of space. This can allow you to utilize the extra room to either leave a bit more space for movement or to add in storage or other needed features. If you are planning to downsize your toilet, make sure you have a plan in action for patching up that area of flooring as well.

Talk To Us About Plumbing Installation

Are you interested in upgrading your toilet? Are you hoping to invest a full bathroom remodel? As your Kankakee plumbing pros, we can help you with everything from a new toilet installation to a quick faucet fix. We will be happy to work with you to design the bathroom space of your dreams and we can help you pick out the plumbing you will need. Our team is also equipped to help with major plumbing upgrades, such as the installation of new pipes. Talk to us about your bathroom upgrade plans and we can work with you to find the ideal solutions. We look forward to helping you improve the comfort, beauty, and functionality of this important room.