When it comes to plumbing emergencies, they usually occur at the worst times possible. Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of gushing water in your basement. Maybe you went to flush the toilet and found that it was overflowing non-stop. Whatever the case, a plumbing emergency is no treat. If you are facing a late night plumbing fiasco, there are a few key things to do. Remember, as your local Kankakee plumbing team, we are ready to assist you night or day with a plumbing emergency of any kind. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind.

#1: Locate Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Most plumbing emergencies are water-related and as such, the best thing you can do when water is gushing out of control is to locate your main water shut-off valve. Depending on your home, this valve could be located in a myriad of places. In many cases, your water shut-off is by the street, the front of your house, or located at the end of your property. In some homes, this valve will be located inside or in a crawlspace. If you aren’t sure where your water shut-off valve is, now is a great time to look for it. Ask your plumber for assistance if you can’t locate this.

During a plumbing emergency, shutting off the water entirely can help prevent further flooding. This will ensure that your home is damaged as little as possible while you look into the issue.

#2: Clean Up Water ASAP

If water has been gushing out of a broken pipe or an overflowing drain, clean up the water as soon as you can. The longer water sits in an area, the more damage it will do. Grab as many towels and rags as you can to sop up the majority of the water and mop the area. If carpet was drenched or there is too much standing water for you to remove on your own, you might have to schedule water removal services the next day.

#3: Move Items Out Of The Area

Once you have cleaned up the area as best you can, move any items out of the room that might be damaged by water. Furniture, rugs, electronics, and other valuables should be placed in a dry, safe space away from the leak. This can help mitigate any water damage that occurs. It is important to keep track of what items were in the room during the flooding. Snap a few photos before you move items as well in case you need to make an insurance claim later.

#4: Call Your Local Plumber

Finally, as soon as you know a plumbing emergency is occurring, pick up your phone and call your local Kankakee plumbing service. Here at Home Furniture, Heating & Plumbing, we are on call 24/7 to ensure that you always have access to the plumbing help you need. The sooner you contact our plumbing team, the better. We can get to the bottom of the issue and help stop further damages from occurring. Contact us right away for emergency plumbing repairs.