Have you been staring at the same ugly bathtub and peeling linoleum floors for years in your bathroom? Perhaps your kitchen looks like it was designed haphazardly in the 80s. Whatever the reasoning behind your desire for a remodel, when you decide to take the plunge, it is important to have a quality plumber on your side.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels usually involve replacing a few key fixtures such as sinks, tubs, toilets, dishwashers, and more. When it comes to these projects, having a professional nearby is a must. Find out why you should hire a plumber for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel and give our Kankakee plumbing pros a call for assistance.

#1: Keep Things Sanitary

You might be able to watch a few Youtube videos and determine the best way to rip out your old toilet and install a new one. However, before you dive into a project like this, it is important to think about safety and sanitation. A trained plumber will know how to carefully handle projects like this to prevent contamination in your home. No one wants to remodel their bathroom or kitchen only to realize that they messed something up and now bacteria or mold are growing out of control in their home. Keep things sanitary and let a pro handle the plumbing.

#2: Avoid A Major Catastrophe

Perhaps you feel like you are pretty handy. Maybe you have built some furniture or installed shelving in your home. However, when it comes to plumbing projects, a lot more is at stake.

It is extremely easy to make one small mistake that lands you in major trouble. A simple slip up could lead to flooding, broken piping, or future sewage back up. Having a professional plumber handle the project will ensure that you avoid any big catastrophes.

#3: Have A Thorough Inspection Performed

How old are the pipes in your walls? Odds are good that if you feel like your kitchen or bathroom needs a facelift, the piping is also fairly old. A plumber can use your remodel as a chance to inspect the inner workings of your plumbing. This will allow you to handle any necessary upgrades while you already have the room torn apart.

#4: Ensure New Fixtures Aren’t Damaged

If you are investing in new appliances for your kitchen, such as a fancy dishwasher or a state of the art garbage disposal, you want those appliances to last for many years to come. The same is true for a bathroom remodel. No one wants to purchase a beautiful new sink only to find out a year from now that a small leak has led to severe damage to the cabinets.

Having a plumber install new fixtures and appliances ensures that these items are protected from harm. This can save you from voiding warranties due to shoddy installation.

#5: Finish Your Project On Time

Remodeling can eat up more time than you might think. If you need to complete a project in a timely manner, having the aid of a professional plumber will go a long way. Your plumber will have the experience and tools to get the job done efficiently.

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