Like all things in life, electrical systems wear out. And because your electrical system does its job (light switches work, appliances buzz with life, and your sprinkler system comes on like clockwork), we don’t think much about it. Herein lies the danger. According to the US Fire Administration, just over 6 percent of residential fires are caused by electrical mishaps, often in the winter months when the use of heating elements goes up. Many of these are due to problems with house wiring or an overloading of electrical outlets.

Home Furniture, Plumbing, Electrical, & Heating in Kankakee is your local electricians who specialize in electrical safety and fixing faulty wiring. Below, we’ll review some signs that are indications you may need to upgrade your electrical system. Contact us today!


  • Light switches are hot. Light switches use little electricity, and thus should never feel hot. If your light switches feel hot, it’s probably due to an electrical overload. If your light switches are poorly insulated or faulty in some way, this little bit of extra heat can cause wear and tear on the electrical components, leading to a possible fire.
  • Discolored or broken outlets. Some dirt is normal around an outlet, stemming from your hands that you can just wipe away. However, if you see charring, yellow discoloration, or soot on your outlet, this is often an indication that a small fire at some point had started inside the walls. Homeowners need to be aware that poor wiring leads to sparks, which leads to flames. Flames lead to fire.
  • You have become best friends with your circuit breaker. A circuit breaker’s job is to break or trip when it senses too much electricity flowing through wires. This is to stop electrical damage before it occurs. An occasional trip is normal here and there throughout the year, especially if your air conditioning if blaring due to the 100-degree heat outside. However, if you are making multiple trips a day or even a week to your circuit breaker, this is a clear indication that either your wiring is faulty, there’s a problem with your electrical panel, or your entire system needs upgrading because of the increased demands of newer appliances and multiple energy uses in today’s technology-driven homes.
  • Your lights become finicky. Lights flicker, usually when there is a power surge for some reason, such as your hot water heater is turning on or the air conditioning is running. If the flickering is in one room only, the cause is often a bad light bulb that needs to be replaced. If the light flickering is throughout the home, it could be loose service conductors in your electrical panel, a problem with the power company, or too many amps used in your home.
  • Blown-out bulbs. Faulty wiring is again the cause of blown-out light bulbs that you are replacing more frequently than you should be. Faulty wiring can cause too much electricity to flow into the bulb, resulting in increased deterioration. Incorrectly installed lighting can also be the culprit, resulting in a build-up of heat in the light bulbs, which shortens their lifespan.

Home Furniture, Plumbing, Electrical, & Heating in Kankakee is an electrical contractor that specializes in all kinds of electrical safety work. If you suspect your home may need an electrical system upgrade, we offer electrical safety inspection and analysis services where we will come to your home and check your entire home for any electrical issues. Our electrical repairs include fixing faulty electrical wiring and installing, repairing, or replacing your home’s main electrical panel, or circuit breaker box. We can also install additional outlets or circuits to handle the load that you’re pulling.

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