With the air conditioning replacement service from Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating, we’ll remove your old, broken, or inefficient A/C unit and replace it with a brand new, energy-efficient unit that’s optimized for the size of the space in your home.

Every Home In The Kankakee Area Can Enjoy Refreshing, Cool Air

Cooling a home is more than just a luxury. For most people, it’s simply not an option to go without A/C. You work hard all day, and it’s absolutely not worth it to come home to a hot, humid house.

Before A/C Replacement

  • You spend the evening frustrated, sticky, and sweaty, despite downing the ice-cold drinks overtime.
  • Then you go to bed, only to toss and turn all night, unable to sleep.
  • You wake up tired and irritable in the morning and have to go to work again.

You deserve much better than that, and a cool house can make all the difference.

Get your A/C replaced, and you’ll transform your evening routine into a delightful experience all summer long.

After A/C Replacement

  • The moment you enter your home, you leave behind the stuffy summer air and walk into a delightful, climate-controlled environment.
  • You relax on the couch with your family, and you even have the energy to roughhouse with your kids a bit if you want to, knowing that you won’t be overheated and gasping for air minutes later.
  • You lay your head down on a cool pillow and sleep like a baby all night, waking up refreshed and ready to go.

Who Should Get A/C Replacement?

If any of the following conditions apply to you, call us to ask about A/C Replacement. We’ll be happy to listen to your needs, offer you some choices of what you can do to cool your home, and give you a quote.

  • My A/C unit is broken
  • I have window units and want to switch to Central Air
  • My air conditioning bills are too high and I want a more efficient unit
  • I’m looking for a newer unit
  • I’m looking for a longer-lasting unit
  • My air conditioner is working hard all the time, but my home is never really cool.
  • My A/C unit is leaking.

No matter what your needs, our friendly A/C experts in Kankakee will be happy to help you out by replacing your A/C unit with the correct size and type of air conditioner for the square footage of your home. You’ll get a cool, refreshing space where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Give us a call today to get started.