1. Different Types of Toilets

    Previously, we’ve mentioned how indoor plumbing ranks among humans’ greatest achievements. After all, using the restroom in the elements is unpleasant to say the least, especially in Kankakee’s hot, humid summers and frigid, windy winters. Over…Read More

  2. Tips for Saving Water in the Summer from Your Local Plumber

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  3. The Power of the Lowly Ceiling Fan

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  4. why replace your old air conditioner

    Why Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

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  5. how to maintain your air conditioner in nine easy steps

    The 9 Steps to Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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  6. Avoid These 6 Problems With Air Filter Replacement

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  7. 13 Warning Signs Your AC Unit Is Oversized

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  8. Tips For Keeping Your Dogs Cool In The Summer Heat

    When the temperatures start getting warmer, it is important to keep the whole family safe. While you and your kids might be able to express when you are too warm, your dogs might struggle to let you know when they are in danger of overheating. In ord…Read More

  9. When You Should Opt For AC Replacement

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